Mash-up 2

Wednesday, June 20, with the conclusion of the murals in the municipal villa ended Mash-up 2, the second appointment of the World Refugee Day organized by the Sprar of Santa Croce di Magliano "Friend's House" activated by the Municipality and managed by the Istituto Gesù and Maria - Citadel of charity with the Aid Consortium.
An active participation between the students of the Scientific High School, the beneficiaries of the Sprar and the migrants. After a theoretical day on themes such as African art, influences on Western art, migratory flows and colonialism, a mural was designed and created.
Under the guidance of the collective Guerrilla Spam and the organization of the Antonio Cultural Association Giordano (ACAG), a vessel has sprung up in the villa, with a load of humanity, pushed by the wind of the populations that have crossed the inhabited and created Santa Croce di Magliano area.
"Do not let this vessel land block the history and cultural and human development of one of the most lively realities in the crater area ».

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