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LARINO. An innovative project, entitled "Hands up!", Was born from the collaboration between the district and prison house of Larino, the Termoli headquarters of the provincial education-adult center of Campobasso, the Acag association of Santa Croce di Magliano and the collective of artists 'Guerrilla Spam'. It was thought of the gesture of raising hands to protest, to attract attention, to greet, to incite, to cheer, to draw and to paint or - figuratively - to surrender to a situation. The project involved 10 prisoners who created a mural and a posterart workshop, as well as lessons on street art and graphic and pictorial techniques used for the creation of works on the wall or in public places outdoors. < br> ¬ęThe poster - explain the guests of Larino - is the privileged means for the realization of works, even complex ones, but of immediate impact and quick realization. The simple drawing on paper can become a vehicle for messages or the expression of sensations, ideas and thoughts. For its part, the 'workshop' of poster art aims to show the simplicity and efficacy of this technique, which allows free use of the work once it is attacked in public space ". The fundamental part of the laboratory, on the other hand, lies in being able to bring some messages and thoughts from the workshop participants out of the prison structure. The mural was made in an internal courtyard of the Casa di c.da Montarcano used as a "walk" and as a "solarium" in the hour of air.
Claudio de Luca
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After 7 years of BIANCO / NERO the first wall of Guerrilla Spam in COLORS!
It was not an artistic choice or the result of an aesthetic / formal study. When we arrived at the Casa Corcondariale of Larino (CB) to paint their courtyard together with the prisoners, they immediately asked us for a colored wall with plants, animals, cities, and the sea; everything that is not in jail, but that with a painting they could see.
This is the reason for the choice of colors, for us, that of black and white we have made in recent years, a fairly rigid choice.
Every context has its means and languages, every person or company needs. We can adapt to these differences, or we can continue to do our own thing. It all depends on how much you look at yourself or how much you look around you.
Thanks to Vincenzo, Karim, Ivan, Fabio, Salvatore, Zakaria, Adriatic, Ali, Enzo, Rubin, Roman and Sofri.
To the Antonio Giordano Prize to the director of the CIrcondariale House Rosa La Ginestra, the teachers Filomena, Angela and Iolanda
CIrcondariale House of Larino (CB)

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